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We love football – GOTEC Cup Jastrzebie 2019

If you want to see real soccer you should not only keep an eye out within the first division. Soccer is everywhere. Soccer is a lot of things but mainly it is of course lifeblood. This was clearly visible in our GOTEC Cup, which was held in Jastrzebie, Poland in June this year. Here, soccer is still what it used to be: the smell of grass, chalk, sweat, sausages and beer. Winning is not the most important part – the main goal is being part of the team. And when announcing the winner there will be no glitter in die air – just hands.

The June-Cup in Jastrzebie

Only one rule needs to be followed if you want to be the proud owner of the trophy at the end of the game: before the match is after the match. But first you have to get there. Eight teams competed against each other to come closer to winning the much desired trophy. The local soccer club provided a top soccer pitch that a champions-league player could easily be jealous of. The crowd and the weather that day were gorgeous and a huge bouncy castle was installed for the juniors. All that is left to do now is to play soccer. And that’s what everyone within the eight teams were doing. Besides the host and cup holder GOTEC Jastrzebie and the Allstar-Team Komorniki, Vibracoustic Poland and Germany were among the players. This year for the first time the talented players from LAMA joined the event.

It’s the taking part that counts!

Once a week GOTEC Polska plays soccer. If you are noticed here as a talented artist with the ball you have great prospects of being included into the GOTEC team for the cup. Training is always voluntary and every employee has the chance to qualify. After all it is the taking part that counts. There is of course always room for improvement and if there are enough applicants a second team will be admitted. If you have proven yourself in the past already then you are part of the GOTEC Allstar-Team. Every appearance of these old folks is legendary and is a highlight at every GOTEC Cup. The soccer pitch belongs to the local soccer club. Not getting tired throughout the whole game and the 49 meters across the pitch demands a lot of stamina.

Team spirit instead of selfishness

Everyone knows each other on the pitch as well as in real life. Everyone works in the same branch and everyone knows how to treat each other respectfully. This is equally important both, in business and in sports. Fairness first is natural in this tournament and blatant diving is not an option. Of course the main goal is taking part but everyone who takes part in this cup still has the ambition to reach the finals. In the end the trophy was well earned by host GOTEC Jastrzebie but everyone else naturally won the hearts of the crowd. This cup offered more than lots of cheering. In the end everyone enjoyed a three course menu for soccer gourmets: sausages, mustard and beer. That is a truly festive way to end such a beautiful day.

GOTEC Cup Jastrzebie
GOTEC Cup Jastrzebie 2019