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Zinc-nickel coatings for
highest demands

A surface treatment or refinement tailored to the application extends the service life of components and thus increases the value and quality of the end product. The zinc-nickel (Zn-Ni) coating has proven itself in recent years as one of the most efficient coatings in surface finishing and is primarily used where high corrosion resistance is required. Where normal galvanic zinc coating is overtaxed by high temperatures or aggressive environmental conditions, high-performance alloy coatings consisting of 85-90 % zinc and 10-15 % nickel offer the highest cathodic long-term corrosion protection.

Zinc-nickel convinces as
a chromium(VI)-free process

The GOTEC Group specialises in zinc-nickel (Zn-Ni) coatings for metal parts, vulcanisation carriers and rubber-metal parts. Thanks to decades of experience, technological know-how and the high degree of automation, we offer high-quality zinc-nickel coatings for steel or cast parts. The first step is usually to deep clean the part. Zinc-nickel is then electrolytically deposited. To do this, electricity is passed through an electrolytic bath. The electrolytic bath contains the anode (positive pole) and the cathode (negative pole), which are the parts to be refined here. The metal ions are dissolved in advance in a separate chamber and transferred to the cathode by the electric current in the bath. In this way, the part to be plated is evenly coated. The longer the part is in the bath and the higher the electric current, the stronger the coating becomes. The coating can be acidic or alkaline. Depending on the requirements and geometry of the parts to be coated, we use different processes.

In the barrel process, the parts are refined as bulk material by automatically conveying the barrel into a treatment bath. In the rack process, on the other hand, the parts are picked up individually on the rack and treated individually. This process is suitable for particularly sensitive parts that are unsuitable for barrel plating due to their geometry, size or weight. Zinc-nickel coatings are often followed by a CrVI-free passivation and a final sealing.

Zinc-nickel coating for the automotive industry

The development of the zinc-nickel coating results from the increasing requirements, especially in the automotive industry, with regard to corrosion protection as well as temperature, road salt and climatic stresses. The galvanic surface refinement with zinc-nickel offers high corrosion resistance with excellent long-term protection even under high thermal stress and is therefore ideal for use in the engine compartment or in the brake area. In our state-of-the-art, automated facilities, the zinc-nickel coating and following post-treatments are applied in a process-safe manner. Our professional testing procedures also guarantee corrosion resistance of up to 720h against base metal corrosion (red rust) in the salt spray test according to ISO 9227.
As a strategic partner of the global automotive industry, we know the special requirements of the industry and rely on state-of-the-art technologies and our many years of know-how. Whether in conventionally powered, hybrid or electric vehicles, in small cars, mid-size or premium luxury vehicles – almost all internationally well-known car manufacturers already rely on GOTEC.

GOTEC - Surface coating with
zinc-nickel from the specialist

As an experienced specialist for zinc-nickel coating, we are happy to assist you. Based on our many years of experience, we will advise you professionally on the selection of the appropriate process and develop a coating solution suitable for your requirements. From the professional pretreatment of your parts to the highly professional zinc-nickel coating. As experts with the most modern, professionally operated equipment, we stand for the highest quality standards at the current level.


We consistently invest in the further development of our state-of-the-art coating technologies.


We work in a resource-conserving manner and pay attention to sustainability along the entire value chain.


We also realise individual requirements and always find the most economical manufacturing solution.

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