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Social responsibility and social engagement are a central part of GOTEC's corporate philosophy

We at GOTEC are aware of our responsibility towards society. That is why we want to give something back to people and the environment with our social engagement.
Within the scope of our production activities, we examine all aspects of environmental compatibility. We design production to be as resource-conserving as possible, using as much renewable energy as possible and processes with low energy consumption as well as recyclable materials. The protection of the environment plays an important role in our production processes and we expect this consideration and participation in environmental protection efforts from suppliers and customers as well.

In addition, we are committed to the welfare of our employees and regional social projects and aid campaigns at all our locations. These include direct help for employees and their families, assistance in the event of natural disasters and emergencies, and support for charitable organisations.

SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund

Practising. Species conservation. Together.

Save Wildlife Conservation Fund

Returning from a trip to Botswana, Lars Gorschlüter, CEO of the GOTEC Group, decided to do something to protect this unique landscape and wildlife. At the end of 2010, this idea became the non-profit foundation SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund based in Wülfrath, which is involved in its own nature and species conservation projects in Africa, Asia and Europe.

SAVE works exclusively with local staff. Because species conservation can only succeed in the long term if the local people are involved from the very beginning and can drive development themselves with a view to the ecological challenges facing their country. E4C, Education for Conservation, is therefore the name of SAVE’s strategy. With this strategy, the foundation wants to preserve the habitat of endangered species, protect the uniqueness of nature and sensitise people for a sustainable use of natural resources in order to enable a peaceful coexistence of people and wildlife. As a basis and starting point for sustainable species and nature conservation supported by the population, income-generating measures are made possible where they are needed.

In its commitment to nature and species conservation, the SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund is supported by GOTEC, other companies, foundations and private sponsors.

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