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Professional surface pretreatment
for long-lasting component quality

The quality of the bonding between rubber and metal or plastic is crucial for the performance and lifetime of the final product. For optimum results and a long-lasting bond, it is necessary to fully clean, activate and individually pretreat the surface before applying the bonding agent, because residues or impurities reduce the adhesion of the following coating and have a negative impact on the overall quality. Based on our decades of experience and our high quality standards, we know that it is essential to match the type of pre-treatment to the base material, the condition and degree of pollution on delivery and to the requirements of the end product. Because this creates the essential preconditions for the following coating process.

Surface cleaning

The first step is usually a deep cleaning of the raw parts in order to completely remove, for example, grease and oil residues that have arisen during production. Which process is most suitable depends, among other things, on the material and the extent of the contamination. Common methods include degreasing with perchloric steam and alkaline cleaning.

Surface activation

The next step in pretreatment is the activation of the surface in preparation for further coating processes. A distinction is made between layer-forming (phosphating, zinc-nickel, bonderite) and non-layer-forming processes (blasting, calendering). Both processes structure the surface and roughen it.

GOTEC - Experienced specialist for pretreatment
according to highest quality standards

The requirements for surfaces are diverse. Depending on the area of application and the base material, various pretreatments may be necessary. Based on decades of experience, we can draw on in-depth know-how and understand the requirements of many applications and industries. Standardized processes, state-of-the-art technologies and the high degree of automation allow us to offer the highest quality at the best price-performance ratio.


Deep cleaning and activation of the surface is essential for the performance of the final product.


Only professional pretreatment guarantees a long-lasting bond between rubber and metal/plastic.


We use the most environmentally friendly products and processes with low energy consumption.

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