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Hard coating for brake discs

Fine dust and CO₂ emissions from road traffic are now held responsible as a major source of environmentally-related health damage. According to the latest statistics from the Federal Motor Transport Authority, around 66.9 million vehicles have been registered in January 2021. In addition to tire wear and vehicle propulsion, brake disc abrasion in particular has a very strong influence on particulate matter. Hard-coated brake discs can make a significant contribution to reducing particulate matter and CO₂ emissions in road traffic and increasing service life. With the innovative and environmentally friendly hard coating for brake discs, we have industrialized a revolutionary process that not only significantly reduces particulate emissions but also ensures long-lasting product lifetime. At the same time, these low-wear brake systems offer corrosion protection and an ever ready braking surface, as well as the potential of weight saving by the reduction of the wear allowances.

Process chain

Until now, hard-coated brake discs have been manufactured by thermal spraying. Environmental impacts result in particular from the very high energy consumption and the fuels used, such as kerosene. In addition, there is a process-related material loss of approx. 45%. Furthermore, there is no metallurgical bond to the base material in this process. Our hard coating process for brake discs is based on a further development of laser cladding and enables the economical production of customized wear and corrosion protection coatings on conventional brake discs in large series in several process steps. Finally, the hard material coating can be supplemented with the long-term corrosion protection (Alloydur®) developed by us in order to increase the service life of the entire pane.

Efficient & highly automated series production on the way to the low-wear brake disc

As an expert in serial hard coating for brake discs, we offer you the entire production as a service. From consulting on the selection of the perfect coating system for your application to the production of prototypes for the most diverse test setups to highly automated series production, we are there for you. We are your partner from development to the end-of-line of your brake disc production.


Reduced brake disc wear and corrosion protection leads to increased service life and less maintenance.

Environmentally friendly

Less particulate matter and CO₂ emissions, resource-saving use of energy and materials.


Innovative high-speed laser buildup welding for long-lasting product quality.

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