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Reinforcing the location: GOTEC is part of ACAROM since 2019

At the beginning of 2019 the GOTEC Group became a member of the Romanian Automotive Association ACAROM. This cooperation allows us to be part of the qualitative development within this sector.

Since 2007 GOTEC has proven itself as a reliable partner in Satu Mare, strengthening this position even more when they moved into a new plant in 2018. The investment in its own plant in Satu Mare underpins the GOTEC Group’s strategy: consequent full service at central point locations including stock-keeping and logistic services to ensure a smooth just-in-time production to all customers.


The capacities are adapted to the concept of dynamic production: this new plant allows us to further extend our possibilities of being a One-Stop-Shop-Supplier. Our portfolio includes metal and plastic part production, pretreatment, surface refinement as well as coating of raw parts. We use only certified bonding agents to ensure the highest possible quality of rubber-metal parts. Highly individual solutions are of course also possible. Our new 6,000 square meter production plant can guarantee all these benefits for our customers. 1,400 square meters thereof are dedicated to coating and 2,500 square meters to CNC turning, ZnNi, phosphating, degreasing and shot blasting. This brings even more flexibility into all three of GOTECs core competencies. In total more than 500 articles are produced in Satu Mare. Around 75 million parts leave the premises every year.


Globally valid quality standards have been part of the GOTEC production-DNA for over 25 years now. We transfer our Best-Practice know-how to all our plants worldwide and keep improving them in accordance to customer wishes. This of course includes making sure that only the newest production technologies are used. We can guarantee to all our customers that the quality of our products is in accordance to the following certifications: IATF 16949:2016, ISO 9001:2015 und ISO 14001:2015.


As in all 17 of our production plants worldwide we place great value on our Zero Defect Strategy in Satu Mare, too. Analytical procedures to ensure the quality of materials and processes likewise are part of our everyday work. Employees receive constant training to make sure they take over a responsible and proactive role and report mistakes immediately. Besides qualifying employees and ensuring they have all relevant means at hand we see it as our great responsibility to produce environmentally friendly and resource-sparing. The plant is equipped with an exhaust air treatment system which exceeds governmental environment regulations. Innovative technologies for refinement, coating and parts production, a consistent quality management, trained and qualified employees and environmentally friendly production – all this can be found in Satu Mare as GOTEC continues to rely on its characteristics as market leader in the coating market. Ensuring best products at best prices just-in-time.

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Produktion Rumänien
Maschine in Satu Mare