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High-speed laser cladding

WECODUR’s high-speed laser cladding is an innovative coating process and is based on a further development of laser cladding. It enables the economical production of metallurgically bonded layers on metal workpieces with a wide range of material combinations. Compared to conventional coating or cladding, the innovative process is characterized by a surface area rate increased by a factor of 10 (up to more than 5m²/h) with significantly lower layer thicknesses and reduced surface roughness. In addition, we combine the advantages of a cohesive (metallurgical) bond to the base material with reduced heat input. This further development enables us to use high-speed laser cladding economically for coating large series.

The process is completed by the optimum finishing process. Double side face grinding enables maximum process feed rates and has been ideally adapted to the requirements of hard coating. This not only results in short processing times, but also symmetrical and controlled material removal and low tool costs.

Use case

Professional hard coating for brake discs using high-speed laser cladding for long-lasting product quality.

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