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GOTEC Group acquires HÜBNERs automotive division


GOTEC is acquiring HÜBNERs automotive division. This helps consistently expanding GOTECs Business Unit Plastics in the area of injection molded components. The HÜBNER plant in Kassel and all its assets, stocks, inventories and production know-how within the automotive division will be transferred to GOTEC until April 2020.
The product portfolio includes car body components, key housings, key fields, accelerator pedals and other products typically associated with the automotive industry. To continue production smoothly and free of interruptions, the new GOTEC plant will remain in Kassel for the moment where HÜBNERs production facilities in Bettenhausen will be rented until mid-2021. Prior to the acquisition all additional employees will receive the training needed for this new GOTEC plant. Training will be starting in January 2020 where everyone will be familiarized with the necessary technical and customer specific knowledge. Furthermore, HÜBNER will be available as a consulting partner until after the date of acquisition, specifically until June 30, 2020.
“This acquisition will extend our product spectrum and help us become an even stronger partner in the automotive industry”, says GOTEC-CEO Lars Gorschlüter. “We are glad to see that HÜBNERs former customers will continue to trust us the same way they did with HÜBNER.”
For GOTEC, the acquisition means an increase in the sales volume in the Business Unit Plastics in the single-digit million range. In the global GOTEC production network in the field of plastic injection moulding, which is currently being expanded rapidly, this expansion is yet another important step for GOTEC’s position as a key partner of the international automotive industry.