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Visitor impressed by GOTEC’s internationality and social commitment

Martin Sträßer (CDU), member of the state parliament for the district of Mettmann, visited the GOTEC Group company in the Wülfrath industrial park at the end of July. The managing director Lars Gorschlüter introduced his company to the MP and both also took the opportunity to talk about social commitment and local education policy.

The meeting was arranged because it is important for Mr. Sträßer to know the situation and concerns of the companies in the constituency on site. “With its products, especially for the automotive industry, it is one of the ‘hidden champions’ and is a jewel for Wülfrath,” Mr. Sträßer was impressed. Lars Gorschlüter was delighted by the visit and presented his family-run business, which he himself founded at the age of 22 (with his brother) in 1992. “We are a family-owned, medium-sized company that is value-oriented and socially minded,” describes Lars Gorschlüter the company. “We see ourselves as one big family in the company and we are continuously growing at all our locations worldwide,” he adds. The GOTEC Group now employs around 2,500 people at 17 production sites, yet still strongly maintains its headquarters in Wülfrath. Not least because Lars Gorschlüter himself grew up and went to school here. “Our greatest assets are our flexibility, our quality as well as our guiding principle to follow the customer where he is with customer-oriented production solutions”, Lars Gorschlüter describes the keys to the GOTEC success story.

After a tour of the branch, Martin Sträßer and Lars Gorschlüter took the opportunity to talk about common goals, especially in the field of education. Gorschlüter and Sträßer agree that not every child needs to graduate from high school. It is much more important, they say, to offer a range of schooling that taps into the diverse talents of young people. “They should consider schooling not as a burden, but as a success story in which their strengths are developed. They must be able to take pride in graduating from their school and receive the recognition they deserve for it,” emphasizes Sträßer.

Executive Director Lars Gorschlüter confirmed the promotion of local school facilities and added his approach to species conservation. Children should be aware of the consequences of human actions for animals and plants worldwide. Lars Gorschlüter has already been involved in various species conservation projects with his “Save Wildlife Conservation Fund Foundation” since 2010, with the aim of getting schoolchildren interested and involved in development work at an early age. “For this, I would like the work of this foundation to also become more widely known in my hometown and here in particular in the schools. It is another step on the way to changing the world together and sustainably,” said Lars Gorschlüter. Sträßer pledged his support.

Martin Sträßer und Lars Gorschlüter
Managing director and Gotec founder Lars Gorschlüter (l.) on a tour with Martin Sträßer (CDU).