Start of production at the Querétaro plant (Mexico)

Start of production at the Querétaro plant (Mexico)

The newest plant of the global GOTEC production network has started production.

Due to the Corona Pandemic, had the opening of the plant, originally scheduled for May 2020, been postponed to September 2020. The newly constructed building complex with a total area of almost 6,000 m² has been equipped according to the latest standards of production technology and work ergonomics and offers space for up to 180 workplaces. The production areas of bonding agent coating and pretreatment are planned with 1,500 m² each. In addition, an area of approx. 1,500 m² for the storage of customer components is arranged – this space can be used for both, delivered raw parts and finished parts. This enables GOTEC to react flexible to the production requirements of the customers.

Main component of production is the globally proven GOTEC coating procedure with rubber-metal bonding agents for all kinds of anti-vibration systems. In Querétaro are all of GOTECs commonly used bonding agents, such as Chemlok® from Parker LORD, applied in our reliable coating processes.

Of course, GOTEC offers all processes for pre-treatment such as degreasing, blasting, phosphating and zinc-nickel coating. The production of metal parts starts with cutting profile sections and stamping, which is continuously expanded and extended, just like our production of plastic parts. The production capacity can reach up to 300,000 parts per day, which are produced in compliance with the certified quality standards ISO 9001 and IATF 16949.

With the start of the production does GOTEC Querétaro become an important employer in the region and a reliable partner for our customers in the automotive cluster of Mexico with the accustomed GOTEC quality. In this spirit, we wish our employees and customers a great start into a successful future together.