Plant managers visited the plants of VW Wolfsburg and BMW Leipzig

Our plant managers recently visited the VW Wolfsburg and BMW Leipzig plants. These visits were carried out as part of the quarterly GOTEC Management Meeting, which focussed on the topics of automation and Gotec Group’s customer orientation. Our CEO Lars Gorschlüter wanted these visits to showcase the possibilities of automation to the management team. Another main area of focus was further developing the company’s understanding of customer needs. The importance of adapting to customer needs was particularly visible in packaging and logistics.

At the VW plant, which was constructed at the end of the 1930s and is the large plant in the world with more than 73,000 employees, we were one of the first to see the pressing plant and the downstream robotic assembly processes ending with the “marriage” (when the engine is inserted into the body).

The much newer BMW Leipzig plant was only constructed in 2005, employs approximately 5,300 employees and produces up to 980 cars per day. Here once again the GOTEC team had the change to view the main processes, body manufacture, paintwork and assembly.

At both plants there was a high level of automation and a large number of pre-assembled parts. such as cockpits, cable harnesses, engines or entire chassis platforms, are bought in. These are delivered ready-made by suppliers for final assembly at exactly the right time.

An impressive production line with a wide range of assembly processes that results in up to 3,800 finished vehicles per day.