BU Plastic in Bursa

BU Plastic in Bursa

Production of plastic parts starts in Turkey.

The state-of-the-art GOTEC plant located in Bursa, Turkey will be expanded to become another production location for the Business Unit Plastics. Production in Turkey has been running since 2005 and in 2018 has been moved to a completely new building that is 8000m2 large as a whole. The coating process and the production of metal parts are done by over 130 highly trained employees working here on nearly 6000m2.

In addition to this, Bursa will start the production of plastic parts in 2019. A highly modern Engel injection molding machine has been purchased for this purpose. The Engel e-victory 300 has a maximal closing force of 3000kN using a so called tie-barless design. Technical automations can be integrated directly into the machine – this saves factory space and reduces access time due to short ways for operators.

The service spectrum ranges from 1K injection molding, encapsulation of inserts, cable overmolding as well as the further assembly of parts. Skilled employees have been hired to ensure a smooth production process. Professional training regarding the GOTECs quality standards and the new production technique will be mandatory for all new employees.

The production capacities of plastic parts in Turkey will be continuously expanded in the near future. The close collaboration within the worldwide GOTEC production network is very beneficial for the plant in Bursa. Know-how of plastic part production will be transferred from all around the GOTEC Group.

Team of GOTEC Bursa Turkey

New project inquiries can be made at the location in Bursa or through the GOTEC Group itself. Our contact person in Bursa for new projects is Ms İldem Dogan.