More than 87 children participate in the painting contest of SAVE Wildlife Poland

More than 87 children participate in the painting contest of SAVE Wildlife Poland

SAVE Wildlife Poland Country Director Dr. Roman Gula: „I am overwhelmed by the huge response”.

More than 87 children have responded to the call of SAVE Wildlife Foundation Poland to participate in an internal painting contest of the company GOTEC Group and have submitted their self-painted pictures on the theme „Why should we protect nature?”.

GOTEC Group, with its Środa Śląska and Jastrzębie plants, has been supporting the SAVE Foundation for more than 10 years, primarily promoting educational programs on species protection in schools and kindergartens. For GOTEC’s CEO, Lars Gorschlüter, it is a particular concern to draw attention to the issues of biodiversity and resource scarcity and to raise awareness among the young generation for their surroundings and the environment from an early age.

As part of this collaboration between SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund and GOTEC Group, the children and grandchildren of employees were invited to draw their favorite animals. „This action was intended to make children think and, in this way, reveal their views toward conservation.” With the projects like wolf conservation in Poland, SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund builds bridges for future generations – so that wildlife becomes a natural part of life again.

Magda Strzała, coordinator of the competition sums up, „It’s impressive to see the great ideas the kids have and the creativity and attention to detail they’ve put into how we can all contribute to protecting the planet.” 13-year-old Wiktoria also tells us enthusiastically, „We have to protect nature because otherwise animals will die out, entire forests will be lost, and there won’t be enough drinking water for all the people in the world.”

We would like to thank all the children who took part in this campaign.