Dogs in Satu Mare

Dogs in Satu Mare

From stray to guard: Drive well – and bark!

For GOTEC safety always comes first. Not only inside our production halls we work with precision and accuracy – lately this has also become our motto in front of the production halls. Two extraordinary factory members contribute to this at the Romanian location in Satu Mare. They like to move smoothly on four legs because this increases speed and helps them control the situation even better. All this for an astonishing reimbursement: food and strokes is all they expect for their duty around the factory grounds. The names of the newbies at GOTEC are “Schnauzer” and “Labrador”.

Our question to “Schnauzer”:
You have chosen the GOTEC plant in Satu Mare as your new home. Is there a specific reason for this job selection?

Schnauzer: I’m gonna be plain with you: for one thing it is of course the food here. There is plenty of it and the care that the people here give me really is touching. The streets did not offer my enough of either of this. The job market for dogs like me in Romania is very low at the moment. Another reason is that one of my friends started working here a few days ago. He told me so much about this place and I was convinced after just a few moments. Tick and flea cures are only the beginning of all the benefits I am offered here! We have regular working times, air-conditioned working areas and board and lodging is free. It’s hard to find something similar. In return I take care of the entrance gate and make sure it’s always safe. We encounter new challenges every day. No day is like the other. Even a doctor came to visit. My new boss Natalia Achim took care if this for us. Honestly, we have a good time here and the people have a lot of fun with us.”“

Our question to „Labrador”:
You have been at the GOTEC plant in Satu Mare for a few days now. What are the first impressions of your new work place? What will your future contribution to GOTECs just-in-time production look like?

Labrador: It’s just great! The people take such good care of us. My first appointment was at the hair dressers. I almost didn’t recognize myself afterwards. It’s like I’m a new dog. And since Schnauzer is also on board we work great as a team. We divided the area between us – I work in the back and Schnauzer works out front at the fence. This way we can both make use of our skills in the best possible way. Working self-reliantly was always one of my strengths. I am after all the older one here. We feel great here and everyone is happy that we’re helping wherever we can. A typical win-win situation. If only everything were as easy as this.”